Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Bob!

We had a fun weekend, celebrating Thanksgiving, Bob's birthday, and 19 weeks of pregnancy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We had our ultrasound on Monday and they confirmed that I am 18 weeks pregnant. They could see the gender, although they said it is still a bit early in the pregnancy to know for sure. Two technicians (sonographers?) identified the gender as female. But since it is early, the senior technician said she's 80% sure that it's a girl. A girl! Pink! Yay! We are thrilled.

Friday, November 16, 2007

18 weeks

I'm starting to feel big. 140 pounds now, and there's no longer the option of hiding my belly unless I'm wearing a coat. I think the picture above captures it well. And I posted the one below to be in line with the pose I've been holding in all the pictures so far.

Today I had a check-up with a midwife. It was brief and she was pleased with how everything seems to be going. Everything is normal. The most exciting part was when they gave me my appointment for the anatomy scan ultrasound, which is on Monday. The gender will most likely be distinguishable, and they will let me know right away.

I came down with a cold on Saturday. I've been suffering with a head cold all week. However, I'm still so pleased that the morning sickness is gone, that my mood has been good.

Stay tuned to find out the gender!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

16 weeks

The good news is that the morning sickness has indeed subsided with the entrance into our 2nd trimester. I still can become nauseous more easily than a non-pregnant person, but for the most part, the nausea is gone! What a relief! I'm still tired a lot and going to bed around 8 pm or earlier on most nights. In fact, I am up too late right now and will head off to bed as soon as I post this update.
Last week Bob and I both had a stomach virus. Mine lasted a little more than a week, which is unusual for non-pregnant folk. My doctor seemed to think that I either relapsed or it was just taking longer for me to recover because the immune system is weak during pregnancy.
I've been enjoying some of the new Fall TV shows (which I watch for free online since I can't stay up late enough to watch them on TV). My favorite is "Samantha Who?" and Bob's favorite is "Pushing Daises". We also like "Dirty Sexy Money". Those are all on ABC. And I've been watching "Gossip Girl" on CWTV, which Bob will sometimes watch with me if he's in the room.
Two weeks ago we went to a rock show at a bar on a Saturday night. On a whim (and after a nap) I felt energized and wanted to see some live music. We found an early show that started at 7pm and was over by 9pm. We saw a local band called Stitch Craft. They were awesome!