Friday, August 31, 2007

Pellegrino and Pretzels

I have morning sickness. For me, I started feeling slightly nauseous the first weekend in August. From then on every day the nausea came on stronger and more often. I read about ways to minimize it: basically, eat or snack often and drink a lot of water, and eat and drink something before even getting out of bed in the morning, or first thing after getting up.

One morning last week I forgot to make eating something a priority as soon as I got up. It was as if I forgot I was pregnant. "I'm okay," I thought. So I showered, got dressed, then suddenly felt nauseous and hungry and so I ate breakfast, and then felt worse, and I ended up losing my breakfast. Ugh! That convinced me if I had any doubt of my pregnancy. Since then, I've been eating first thing in the mornings, and I haven't lost a meal since. But I still feel nauseous most of the day. "I don't like feeling nauseous!" I announced today to my co-worker.

What helps me when a wave of nausea comes on, is salted hard pretzels and sparkling water. I ate so many pretzels yesterday, that they haunted me in my dreams. And I have a history of talking in my sleep, and apparently last night Bob heard me say "Pretzels!" in the middle of sleep. I woke up to him asking me "do you want me to go get you some pretzels?" It was very confusing. What? Why are you waking me up and asking me that? Then I remembered the dream, and I said "no, there's pretzels in my dream."

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

6 weeks

I've learned that 6 weeks pregnant actually means about 4 weeks after conception. From what I've read so far in the "What to Expect..." book and on websites, you can figure out an approximate due date based on the date of the last menstruation. For us, that means our due date is April 20th, 2008 (4/20/08). I can't imagine a greater high than giving birth to our tiny baby.

We have an appointment with my OB doctor in about a month. When I called the office to schedule, they recommended waiting until I'm 10 weeks along before coming in. I look forward to hearing what the doctor thinks our due date is, and what the approximate date of conception was. I wasn't tracking my ovulation yet because we were only just beginning to try to conceive. I was planning to start checking my daily morning temperatures this month, but then we found out we're already pregnant. I recommend this article to any woman who's thinking of conceiving and wants tips about the fertility awareness method. One thing we did that might have helped was elevate my hips after each love session. Usually I did legs-up-the-wall pose, or just kept my legs lifted in mid-air with a pillow or bolster under my hips for 5 to 15 minutes.

This week I told Bob that our baby is about the size of a BB pellet, and he said "our BB". Next week it will be the size of a small raspberry. So for a few days we referred to the embryo as "BB", and lately Bob has been calling it "little blueberry".

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Exciting news...

Here's a picture of us in Briones Regional Park in the East Bay. We came across a rattlesnake on this hike with our friends Jenn and Roy. It was coiled and rattling and six inches from Bob's leg, so we were scared but no one was hurt. This picture was taken a week before we found out our exciting news. Now I know why I felt car-sick during the drive over there. We are happy to announce that we are PREGNANT, and we'll use this blog to share any updates.
Jen and Bob