Saturday, June 12, 2010

Family photo

We went to a friend of a friend's party today. It was in a beautiful
backyard surrounded by trees. There was a full band set up and we were
invited to perform a few songs. We danced, played ball, ate food,
drank water, and Juni flirted with just about everyone there. She had
over a half dozen different people who played ball with her. Some
danced with her and one man swung her around and held her up high (and
he's tall). When he put her down on my lap, she ran over to him saying
"high? High, please?" meaning she wanted him to pick her up high
again and he did. Then that same routine again one more time until he
was so exhausted he had to say no. Juni was the only kid there and it
was nice to have so many people interested in playing with her. It made
it a more relaxing afternoon for me because she was entertained and
loving it.

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