Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mill Valley visit on Thursday

Thursday night Juni and I took a short drive to Mill Valley Public Library. What a nice place! It is surrounded by redwood trees and it is a beautiful building inside with tall, wood lined ceilings. We went there to borrow a book-on-CD that I wanted for a book club I'm joining. The actual book is checked out of all the nearby libraries, so I decided to listen to it read by the author to start. While we were there, I brought Juni to the children's section and she loved it. She took book after book off the shelves and flipped through the pages. I picked some and she picked some to take home with us. I think we brought home 8 or 9 picture books. After leaving the library, we went to the park and playground next door to the library. It is a beautiful redwoods grove and the playground had some fun and new-to-Juni activities to play. She befriended a couple of boys and had a great time climbing and going down the slide with them. I am pleased with how we had so much fun on a Thursday evening without spending any money (other than gas). Public libraries are awesome! As are public parks. We are lucky.

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