Monday, February 21, 2011

Tahoe 2011

Went to the Lake Tahoe area in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with Juni's classmate and her family for a 4 day weekend. There was a snow storm for a few days before we got there, including the day we drove there. Bob did a great job driving in the rain and then snow once we rose to higher elevation. Juni had a nap in the car ride there, and when she woke up it was snowing and she was surrounded by snow covered hills, mountains and trees.

We arrived Friday afternoon. It was snowing when we got there and continued snowing until Saturday morning. There was several inches or maybe a foot of snow on our car by Saturday late morning. Bob had the experience of cleaning off the car of snow, and I was reminded of Winters growing up on the East Coast. It is so nice to be able to drive to snow, enjoy a cold snowy weekend, and then drive back to the sunny SF Bay Area. While there, Juni made her first snow angels, and she watched me make a mini-snowman. Daddy went skiing, and Juni went sledding down a small, steep hill ONCE. She cried when snow flew up in her face on the ride down. Mostly it was nice to remain indoors in the well-heated condo and watch the snow outside. We had a view of Lake Tahoe, which is a beautiful site. Juniper enjoyed playing with her classmate friend, and I enjoyed watching them interact.

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