Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of preschool!

Juniper is so excited to start preschool today. And we are excited, too! Here she is with Daddy who drove her to school this morning. She will be in a class with about 20 other 3-year-olds. At the preschool, the 3-year-old class students are called the caterpillars, and the 4 year old/pre-K class students are called the butterflies. Juniper has been so excited to start going to "the caterpillar school" as she calls it. We've been talking about how she can do more things for herself now that she is starting preschool. This morning she insisted on putting on her own clothes without help and said "I can do it myself because I'm a caterpillar now!"


Kate Short said...

That is sooo sweet! Much love to you dear! xoxo Kate

ebeth said...

Wow, Jen! She's getting so old. Love the long golden pigtails :)