Thursday, March 1, 2012


With a lot of help from Gran Gran, I rearranged things in our home today so that now we have a changing table! Previously we were putting the changing pad on our bed or in the co-sleeper bassinet, but we had one too many accidents on our bedding and his. Today I decided I had to create one diaper changing area that was not also a place to sleep. We had these plastic drawers in Juni's room, so I swapped some of them with a short little dresser from Mommy & Daddy's room. The plastic drawers as you see them in the photo make the perfect height for changing diapers. Yay! Success! While we were at it, we also moved our bed so that the head board is against a different wall (and no longer against a window). The changing table is in our bedroom, next to the door and close to the foot of our bed. It is also close to Joey's co-sleeper bassinet, so there's not far to go for middle-of-the-night diaper changes.

Here's a picture of Joey sleeping in the new set-up. You can see why we sometimes call him a little peanut.

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