Friday, April 13, 2012


Yesterday at the grocery store a woman who just learned that I have a 2 month old baby said to me "you look great--you don't look tired". I said that I sleep pretty well because my baby is a good sleeper.

Then last night he went and slept 8 hours and 45 minutes straight! From 10 pm to 6:45 am. I got more sleep than a used to get on a typical night before I had kids. Woo hoo! Boy oh boy is he a good sleeper. Usually he sleeps in 3 to 4 hour chunks during the nights, and so I usually get up 1 to 2 times during the nights to change and feed him. Which is also really good! Someone at a party recently commented to me about what a calm baby he is. I said "he is an angel sent from God" and a friend of mine said "yes, he is!"

Two days ago I started keeping track of when and how long he sleeps throughout the day and night. On Wednesday and Thursday both he had 6 naps during the day. The naps range from 30 minutes to 1 hour 50 minutes.

Since I am going back to work in 11 days, I've started to pump every day at noon, which is the time I'll be pumping at work. I'm giving Joey a bottle in the afternoons, but it is slow going. The most he drank from a bottle is 1.5 oz at one time. Yesterday it was only half an ounce at a time, then another half ounce after a nap. He definitely prefers the boob. He cries and resists, and then takes a few sips. Pause. Repeat. My mom says he will take the bottle when he's hungry enough when I'm at work. I said either that or he will only drink a few ounces, and then he'll eat more when I get home. I'm glad that she's not worried about it. She's right. He'll be okay. He'll adjust. My mom will be taking care of him for us when I go back to work. We are so lucky to have this high quality care for him! Also it is great to be able to spend more time with my mom, who is awesome.

Juni is next to me now, very interested in the computer. I asked her what does she want to tell all of you, and she says "I love you."

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