Thursday, May 24, 2012


On Tuesday Joey met the woman who will take care of him starting in July--when Joey is 5 months old. We visited her daycare and it went really well and they got along great. As soon as we got there she asked if she could hold him and she held him the entire time we were there for about a half hour. He was happy and so was she. I really like how calm and grounded she seems, despite the little kids running around her. I felt more relaxed as soon as we said hello. She keeps her home clean and organized, and she has clearly defined areas in her home for sleeping, playing, and eating. She has a schedule which I get the feeling she is good at being consistent about. She was able to still interact with the other children while holding Joey by talking with them and suggesting they kiss his feet. So Joey's toes got a few kisses. I met a 9 month old boy and his mom (who is a nurse) who said he started going there at 3 months old. I met a father who has had his children there over a span of the last 6 years. The families seem very happy with the daycare. It was all good vibes.

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