Monday, October 8, 2012

Loose teeth

Juniper's two front bottom teeth are loose!!! I cried when I found out. I did not expect this to happen so soon. I thought loose teeth would happen in 1st grade. She's only in pre-K! She's 4 1/2. OMG.

At dinner tonight she told me that her front bottom teeth hurt when she bites food and so she is only using her back teeth to bite and chew. I was concerned that she might have decay, so I inspected her mouth during toothbrushing and saw the loose teeth and the widened pockets around the teeth. I asked Bob to google the normal age for this and he found age 4 to 7 is the range. She teethed early as a baby-- at 4 months old she got her front two bottom teeth. It looks like those will also be the first to go. My baby girl! She won't be a baby for sure anymore if she looses all her baby teeth. Even though I was shocked and sad about it, I told her it was going to be fun to loose her teeth and that she will look silly with holes in her smile. We laughed a lot about it. She's so excited.


Anonymous said...

she gets this from Grammy who lost her first bottom tooth at Pop's house in Fairfax age 4

hannahbee said...

Wow I expect Alma will be losing her first teeth this year, too. She also got her first baby teeth at only 4 months which was a real surprise. I read that the earlier they get them the earlier they loose them. Why are they in such a rush to grow up?!