Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pool day

Had a great time at the pool today. I felt so relaxed--like we were on a Hawaiian vacation. The weather was wonderful.

Juniper has improved a lot in her ability to swim and play under water. She was in the kiddie pool for over 3 hours, minus a break to eat a hot dog and fries.

Joey liked being in the water, too. And he was happy to play catch, which is his favorite activity lately. He has great aim and is able to play catch with all of us at home.

I was able to go for a solo swim today. The first lap of freestyle stroke I felt very strong, and I could feel that I am in better physical strength compared to last summer. So the yoga and walking I have been doing have strengthened my endurance. Also I have had more time to heal from the trauma to the body that comes with pregnancy and giving birth.

Joey is 16 months old now. He is walking well and now prefers to walk over crawl. He is saying more words. Lately we have been reading more books with him and he said "book" several times this morning, which was new to me. He has been a little bit more needy lately. He has teethed 2 molars so far. The second one is still working its way through. And he had one cold after another there for a while. He still smiles a lot and is incredibly adorable. So much love I feel for this boy!

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