Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2nd day of daycare

Here's Joey after his 2nd day of daycare. He looked tired when I picked him up and he started to fall asleep in the car seat on the drive home but then woke up when we got inside. So here are pictures of him soothing himself with his toys and sucking his thumb. Now it is 7 pm and peaceful. I'm going to wash the bottles and figure out something to eat. Juni had some healthy snacks when we got home but not official dinner yet. Today was an emotional day for me because it is really hard to leave Joey at a new place for care while I go to work. Luckily he seems fine with it and they said he smiled a lot while he was there. I also miss my mom who went back to the east coast. It was great spending time with her while she was here.

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Anonymous said...

looks like tomorrow is Mommy and Joey day!