Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wooden teething ring

Here's Joey with his favorite teething ring. It is easy for him to hold on to for long periods of time and he seems to like holding it while sucking his thumb and drifting off to sleep. It was misplaced for the past week or so and I really missed it! My mom and I tried to replace it with something else but the other teething rings we had were too big or made of possibly unsafe plastic. We bought 2 new teething rings/chew toys on two different days in the past week. However both new toys were not as easy to keep in his hand--they didn't seem to comfort him the way the simple wood ring does. Tomorrow he starts going to daycare and I really wished he could have his ring with him for nap time so I started looking for it again tonight. I told Juni what I was looking for and she found it! It was under our bed. I was so happy. And sure enough he was able to keep it in his hand when he drifted to sleep. Sometimes when falling asleep if he starts to whine or stir I can just put this in his hand and then he sucks his thumb and falls asleep. He holds it in his left hand so he can suck his right thumb. I'm glad he can have it with him for nap time for his first day of school tomorrow (we are calling it school around our house but really it is daycare). I know he will be fine there, but I've been feeling pretty nervous today with getting everything ready. Now everything is packed and by the front door except for the milk which is in the refrigerator. He had a bath tonight and soon I will brush my teeth and go to sleep, too. He's now 5 months old!

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