Thursday, August 16, 2012

Supply & demand 7/25/12

6 month growth spurt?

And/or my supply went down because he was feeding less while he was teething a week ago. But he has been nursing more than ever before and drinking more milk at daycare this week--I'm needing to pump more often at work to make enough milk for him and he needed a couple ounces of back-up frozen milk for the last 2 days in a row at daycare. Not pumping as much milk as he is drinking makes me nervous. Though it has only been a couple days so I have time to get my supply back up. And we still have some extra milk frozen. I am adding some more pumping times into my schedule. Reading online has been great for breastfeeding support and tips for increasing supply. What does NOT help at this point is when people act surprised that I'm still breastfeeding or they suggest I supplement with formula.

UPDATE 8/16/12: I was able to catch up with my supply within a week of writing that post and now am at the point where I have extra milk again. Being a breastfeeding mom while working outside of the home isn't easy but it is possible and it is important to me so we are doing it. I am lucky to have a desk nurse job so that I can actually take those breaks required by law and use the time to pump. Joey is doing well and sleeping well, too! Last night he slept 8 hours in a row!


lorigirl said...

Yay, Jen!

hannahbee said...

You are my hero!

jenfaith said...

Thank you for the love & support, dear friends!