Thursday, January 26, 2012

40 weeks

Today was my due date. I am not surprised that I feel absolutely no signs of labor. I had the first non-stress test of this pregnancy today. The fetal activity was good, and heart accelerations appeared to be normal. They said the heart rate strip was beautiful and that he's healthy. They checked the amniotic fluid level, and at first was unable to find enough pockets of fluid to measure. The nurse doing the ultrasound for the measurement was being coached by another nurse. I doubted her competence and she didn't seem very confident in what she was doing. They said since they didn't find enough fluid I could drink some water and they'd try again after 20 or 30 minutes. When the same woman was about to do the ultrasound to repeat the fluid level check, I asked if the seemingly more experienced nurse could do it. They were happy to switch. She seemed very confident and competent and found the fluid pockets in less than half the time that the other woman spent looking. I wasn't told an exact number, but I know it was more than 7. Less than 7 and they repeat the next day. Less than 5 and you are sent to the hospital. The midwife said she thought it was 9 or 10. She told me to drink a lot of fluids. I thought I had been, but now I realize I can drink more. I go back for another NST/amniotic fluid level test on Monday. The midwife also said she'd like to see me induced at 41 weeks (if labor doesn't start on its own). She called the hospital to schedule an induction for next Wednesday or Thursday, but was told to call back because the scheduling book was in use or something. She said she'd call them later in the day and call me in the afternoon, but I never heard from her. I'm pretty sure she's off on Fridays so I will have to wait until Monday when I see her for my appointment.

Juniper has a cold and so can't go to school. She went with me to my appointment today. It was over 1.5 hours long. Juni watched a Curious George movie on my phone while I was being monitored.

Last night I went on a tour of the hospital in San Francisco. I went by myself, although I'd wanted Bob to go with me. He needed to stay home with Juni since she's sick. We didn't want her to spread her cold to anyone else who otherwise would have watched her for us. The labor & delivery unit was very full, and so the tour was unable to see one of the patient rooms. The post-partum unit was pretty full, too. We were able to see a double room but not one of the private rooms there. I was unhappy with the tour for a few reasons that I won't explain here. At least I was able to learn where the parking garage is and how to get to the L & D unit for when it is time to go there.


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Jenn E said...

Sounds like a trying day that you managed with your trademark composure. KISHES TO YOU FOUR!!!