Monday, January 30, 2012

About to be induced

We got to L & D at 1:50 pm. The doctor at the hospital checked fluid level and said it was between 2 and 2.5, and they recommend induction. Will probably start with a foley bulb, just like my labor with Juni. (see the blog entries from April 2008 for more about how the induction went that time). The doctor saw some amniotic fluid that had umbillical cord in it, so it doesn't count in the measurement if it has cord in it. They said the same thing at the clinic this morning and last Thursday. They found pockets of fluid with cord in it and so couldn't measure that part. The doctor here was really nice and clear/descriptive about what's going on and what she found. She said my cervix is 1.5 cm and 50% thinned.

Juni is with her grandparents. I stopped by her school earlier today to tell her they would pick her up and that Joey is coming soon. She said she is excited.

An added circumstance is that the hospital employees are planning a strike tomorrow! It will start at 7:00 am Tuesday morning and go until 7:00 am Wednesday. The doctors will not be striking, only some of the nurses. So they are bringing in extra doctors, and some of the nurses are not honoring the strike and so will be here anyway. There will be no scheduled procedures tomorrow so they can focus on emergency situations like mine. The cafeteria will be closed as well. (I'm assuming they will still be feeding the patients, though.). Luckily we brought some snacks.

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