Sunday, February 5, 2012

5 days old

A new outfit this afternoon because we had a messy diaper that got on his cute whale shirt that he was wearing earlier. His poop has changed from the dark tar-like newborn poop to a yellowish brown poop. I'm sure you wanted to know that! The point is that it means he is drinking enough milk and getting rid of the extra bilirubin.

He's 5 days old today. We gave him a sponge bath this morning. Then he had another partial sponge bath after the messy diaper. Yesterday and the day before we were letting him suck on our pinky fingers (which he really liked doing), or on a pacifier when he would take it, to soothe him. Now I realize he was hungry, waiting for more milk to come in. Now that I have more milk, he is not at all interested in my pinky finger. I guess he doesn't want to suck just for the sake of sucking if his belly is full. These pictures were taken right before a feeding, so you can see him saying "feed me now, please" in the second shot.

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