Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Juni and Joey

Yesterday Juni came home from preschool with a bag full of valentines. She calls them her "valentine toys". This morning Bob gave her a temporary tattoo on her arm. It is a race car tattoo and it came with one of the valentines. I have picked Juni up from school a few times lately and brought Joey with me in the kangaroo korner pouch/sling carrier. Juni has asked me to show Joey to some of her friends. She is very proud of him. Her teacher told me that Juni has seemed very happy at school lately. She's excited to be a big sister. Yesterday she asked me if we were going to give Joey away when he gets bigger to be someone else's daughter (she meant son). I told her we were going to keep Joey and Juni forever. She seemed okay with that. I thought about how friends/family visit us and then leave. Maybe that's what Juni thought Joey would do--just visit for a short while. It is so fun to watch Juni learn about her world. She's also fascinated with the fact that Joey doesn't have any teeth. "How did that HAPPEN!?" she asked me when I first told her that he doesn't have teeth yet. So cute.

Joey went to his doctor today for 2 week check-up. He weighed 6 lbs 7.2 oz. He gained 13.2 oz in one week! I was hoping he'd be 6 lbs but he's nearly 6.5 lbs which makes me very happy. So my milk is working. He's eating enough and growing. We can see a difference. We are starting to dress him in some newborn size clothes (outgrowing the preemie sizes) and he is looking bigger.

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