Thursday, February 2, 2012

Borderline normal

Went to pediatrician today and Joey's height was measured as 18.25 inches (instead of 19.5" which was measured in the hospital). The shorter height makes better sense, actually, since he weighed a half pound less than his sister did at birth but measured as a half inch taller.

One of the lab results to check Joey for jaundice came back "borderline normal", the doctor said. Because the result is in the normal range but very close to the cut off. Since my blood type is O negative and Joey is O positive, he is at risk for turning yellow. So far so good, though, and we will recheck the lab in a couple of days. I hate having them squeeze blood out of his foot to get the sample for testing, but I want to make sure he's safe and healthy. When I asked the doctor if Joey has jaundice, the doctor said no. He's borderline normal. We thought that was a funny way to describe him, and felt proud to have a borderline normal son.

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